The ONE Smart Piano: How An App Can Teach You to Play

Have you ever gone to a recital or a concert and been in awe at the pianist’s skill? Have you ever dreamt of being able to play the piano beautifully yourself?

Many of us have, but there are more than one things that stop us from learning to play the piano, including:

  • Time: Yes, everything worth having requires effort and sacrifice. And being able to play the piano is definitely worth it. But it usually takes a person years of practice before they can play their favorite song.
  • Money: Let’s face it, getting a teacher a few hours per week for years, at $60 – $200/hour, will end up costing us a fortune.

Thankfully, we live in the 21st century, where our dreams are not out of reach thanks to advanced technology. Believe it or not, nowadays you can learn to play the piano with a fraction of time and cost!

Meet The One Smart Piano.

Are you intrigued yet? What it is and how can it help you play like a maestro in no time? Let’s find out.

What is The One Smart Piano?

Just like the name suggests, The One Smart Piano is a revolutionary piano that leverages your smart gadget (phone or tablet) to help you learn.

That’s right; it comes with a free app, downloadable from the App Store and Google Play. There are three types of piano you can get, each made from quality materials: the Acoustic PianoThe One Smart Upright Piano with 88 keys, and The One Light Piano with 61 keys.

Each of these pianos has a socket to connect your device so you can let the App guide you in your practice!

So, How Can an App Teach You to Play?

Even if you’re a complete beginner or have learned as a kid but forgotten all about it, anyone can learn with the One Smart App.

Once installed, you can start using the ingenious features which will allow you to play a song right away.

1. It has thousands of free sheet music ready to load

For many of us, learning to read a sheet music equals solving a complex Math problem.

Well, you can save yourself from this frustration. Just put your smartphone or tablet on the music sheet rack on the piano, and plug it. Load the sheet music of your choice within the app, and it will read it for you.

What’s more, there are thousands of songs coming from many genres of music already installed in the app. Just pick one of your liking to start learning.

2. It guides you to the right notes with LED lights

I know what you’re thinking: there are already many pianos that come with lights to guide me to the right notes! What’s so special about this one?

Good question! The answer is that the One Smart App takes it up a notch. Once you load a sheet music, the app leads you to the right keys and waits until you play the right notes before moving on.

This means that you don’t need to hurry up because you’re afraid of being “late” and not being able to catch up with the lights. It’s very intuitive and follows your lead.

In turn, you will practice calmly and actually enjoy your sessions. Studies have shown that when you learn joyfully, you will progress faster.


3. It has an accessible learning curve

Your app comes with an automatic scoring, which you can use to track your progress over time. It’s a motivating feature because it will push you to get a better score each learning session.

You can also set your level of difficulty and change it when you advance. If you’re a complete beginner, start at the very beginning and when you’re ready, adjust the level.

Likewise, if you’re not a beginner, you can set the difficulty level to medium and change it later.

4. Plenty of games and videos in the app to help you practice

Practice makes perfect, but repetition can be boring.

Especially for young children, practicing can feel like a chore. But not if it comes in the form of playing games.

The One Smart App comes with many games that will motivate you to get your practice in. You can also watch the tutorial videos in your app with a virtual instructor to guide you step by step. It’s a nice feature to help you improve your skill!

It’s a nice feature to help you improve your skill!

The Advantages of The One Smart Piano

You may already have guessed some of the advantages of learning with this smart piano from reading the features above. But let’s compare notes.

1. You do not need to look for a teacher

Beyond the cost we have discussed above (we’re talking about thousands of dollars), getting the right teacher can be a hassle sometimes.

First, you need to make sure that there’s a chemistry going on between you and the teacher. If it doesn’t click, you will not enjoy the many hours you will spend with him/her.

Second, sometimes patience can run low especially if the student doesn’t understand fast or when the teacher is having a bad day. No one likes the extra pressure when learning something.

With the One Smart App, you will avoid all this headache, and save a lot of money. What’s more, you or your child can be independent and learn self-discipline as you will put the learning time by yourself.

2. You can learn to play songs right away

There’s no need to wait for years to be able to play your favorite songs; you can start right away!

Be it a classical tune or a modern pop hit; you can learn a song within minutes. Plug your gadget and learn – it’s really that easy.

The majority of people can play a nursery rhyme under five minutes and a classic Beethoven composition within a month. How’s that for saving time?

3. Learn anytime at your own pace

You can make your own schedule for learning the piano as you don’t have to depend on a teacher’s.

If you don’t have time during the day, do it in the evening. Do it on Sundays, on a rainy day, sick day, basically anytime you want.

You also can create your own rhythm and frequency. Whether you prefer learning 15 minutes or an hour a day or per week, everything is up to you.

You don’t have to follow a structured pace from anyone, either. Set your own and keep your focus on playing well.

4. You will learn a real instrument

Unlike other apps, it’s not a game that you play on your phone. The piano is not a toy, either.

You will use a real, high-quality music instrument that you can play even without the app (they even come with foot pedals!).

So when you have advanced a bit and known how to play a few songs by heart, you can play them without your app, or on ANY piano without a problem.

5. It helps you be more organized

For beginners, it’s easy to see how this piano and its app can help learners be more organised and motivated. But even if you have been playing for years or are a professional, you still can get plenty of benefits from the app.

You can keep your sheet music in one place, so you can find them easier. You can also use the automatic scoring feature to help you track your sessions and thus improve your skills in ways you have never imagined before.

6. It offers exciting features

Aside from the features mentioned above, The One Smart Piano has more in store. Here are the cool, additional features:

  • The piano can also play MP3 files
  • It has an integrated, adjustable metronome beating from 30 to 280 beats per second – no need to purchase one
  • It allows you to practice with your headphones on (socket provided) – Hello, night time sessions!
  • You can also use it as a loudspeaker

Where Can You Get Yours?

The pianos come in color options, and there are matching accessories available.

If you’re ready to start learning, or if you want to give the opportunity to your child to learn this noble skill, order yours at our website (with secure paying methods at your disposition). At the moment, you can take advantage of our limited-time discounts.

We also offer a flexible monthly payment with our Pay Later option, which has up to 6 months interest-free.

Our team will be more than happy to answer any of your inquiries, just hit us with a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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As the very first Apple MFi-certified smart piano, the One Smart Piano is truly the only one that will help you learn fast while saving a lot of money.

Get yours now and start learning! Because it’s never too late to make your dream come true.